WILDERNESS 2016 – february 2016

In 18. February 2016, we presented Wilderness, the latest collaboration of Pinewood Weddings and Nora Sarman.

Background – how we met Nora Sarman and how Peak of Romance was born – 2015 

We have met Nora Sarman a few years ago. We hit the same road into the wedding industry by seeking special audiences and clients that can understand our goals and have a good sense of humor and style. Mutual clients led to our first collaboration in 2015. Nora made custom gowns ever since. She presented her first ready-to-wear wedding dress collection for the season of 2015. The ethereal, angelic forms and the airy white and pastell tones made us no choice but choosing a specific location to depict the overwordly forms.

This is how Peak of Romance was born. We went to the Austrian alps to shoot the photos and the Supe8 image film. Over the clouds we felt like we created the athmosphere what set the mood for our entire 2015 season by all means.


Peak of Romance was presented in HiggsField Gallery in Budapest in January 2015.


2016 – Wilderness –  successful collaboration continued

The greatest benefit of Peak of Romance was that it’s been a reference point ever since we have presented it and wanted to do something special. We always had the support and trust from our clients for the unlimited creativity. This uplifting feeling pushed us towards to our next (shall we say annual?) collaboration.
Nora’s 2016 wedding collection was inspired by fairy tales and sublime yet low-key colors. When we first saw the dresses, we knew that we would take one model to a legendary forest scene what is filled with heavy fog and dark tones, depressed low-key sounds. The chosen location, on a Danube island was a perfect remote hub to create our own fairy tale.

wilderness_helyszin copy

Despite the Peak of Romance was shot with 3 models, the “lonely wandering” was the two word every one of us visioned for this project. We aimed to build up a story what is filled with hidden symbols, so we have chosen one hero to our fairy tale. The late autumn weather offered the mystic foggy backdrop, though, we used some smoke flares to to touch-up the background if needed.



The SHOW – Brody Studios, Budapest, 18. 02. 2016. 

We wanted to present Wilderness in a place what’s big enough for a few hundred visitors, friends and drinking-buddies in one time, and fits to it’s foggy, low-key concept. This is how we fine Brody Studios at the heart of the city what seemed perfect from the first time and it proved well!


After a short press-conference, we opened the gates for the audience. We didn’t wanna hold back the booze so he said a few words and presented the film, and then let anybody to have fun! Our Dj friend MikiKeveR and the Brody Studios bartenders did an excellent job to keep the folks alive and well!


Being a pop-up show, the event was not able to show all aspects of the project, and the dresses. Our solution was to spread out a beautyfully printed off-set leaflet and then we asked the audience to scan the pictures with their phones. (It’s a kind of QR code but the content is super interactive! The  Art Locator team made possible the impossible: you could see the film preview or the entire lookbook as it was printed to the leaflet! (I know it’s hard to imagine but look at the third image above: That’s a phone screenshot.. killer..


All in all: from the desk to the forest, from the forest to the event venue, every step, every moment of the Wilderness was so amazing, that we can’t be grateful enough to the collaborators of this project! We feel the same as we felt after the Peakl of Romance: This is ours, we loved it, and we did it well, and we can’t wait to start it all over again!



Dress: Nora Sarman
Styling: Réka Sármán
Hair: Iglódy Judit/ Close
Make-up: Keserű Barbara
model: Lilla/ Visage Model Management


pr, management: Kuzma Orsi
venue: Brody Studios
floral/decoration: Flóra Floral Botanical Atelier
cakes: Az én tortám
music: MikiKever