Dream came true

Adri and Peti wanted us to be their wedding creatives for a good reason. When we first met we settled down the travel plans to the mighty Alps to Slovenia, to create their creative photo session as well as their engagement film! Lake Bled and the area means a lot to them, they share amazing memories from here.

In this 2 days journey we got to know them very well, and we witnessed their level of trust, love, adoration and devotion to each other. Inspiring nature, inspiring people.

In this 2 days we have filled up ourselves with inspiration, for their wedding day we set ourselves into a new level of creativity.

Our expectations on the wedding day wasn’t so different than our amazing experiences at the photoshoot back in the Alps. Adri and Peti have chosen their wedding venue away from ordinary. This is a scout camp in an insland, in the middle of the forest. Pace-lowering dirtroad leads to the camp where you can hear nothing but the chirping birds. The Danube river nearby soaks up the noise of the city.

After the touching vows in a wooden chalet, long tables were waiting for us outside to spend the delicious dinner. Getting into the chilling night,  you could heat up a little bit by the bonfire, or have an other drink and dance in the flying dust under the light garlands.. A fairy-wedding, it was, where Adri and Peti’s dream came true.