Foggy winter elopement

Melinda & Fernando
Four Seasons – Gresham Palace, Budapest

Melinda and Fernando arrived from Dubai to celebrate their elopement with a very limited audience. On this very saturday, a foggy moody winter day in Budapest they arrived to The Four Seasons – Gresham Palace to get ready for their wedding. The ethereal weather, Fernando’s latin temperament, and Melinda’s serene calmness  has given the mood for the entire day..

Besides there were only two siblings as witnesses, and one friend as translator, it was truly an honour to be a part of this special event.

The ceremony was held in one of the Palace’s riverbank balcony, the legendary Chain Bridge was popping up from the grey canvas fog backdrop from time to time. Melinda and Fernando might disappear in the brumous Danube riverbank, but when they get in sight again, we can be sure they are holding hands tight and never be apart…