Bara and Bence contacted us in she season’s spring for a simple couple shoot but finally came out with the idea of a late summer wedding on the season. This swift flexibility and laid-back style followed their whole gig from preparations to the end of their   wedding. The extraordinary ceremony took place at the eastern upshore of the Balaton, a perfect panorama spot for the lake. We will ever be grateful for their timing of the ceremony which was right before the sunset…


Decoration: Gruber Andi Wedding Decor
Ceremony conductor and ceremony master: Bánhegyi Barbara
Dress: Daalarna
Venue: Spoon
Hair: Huszka Petra
MUA: Huszka Barbara
Cake: Asztalka
uit: Moda Pico Bello 
Sound: Esküvői DJk Kristóf István