To be young

It was obvious that we’ll come along well with Anka and Bandi, a really cool couple with strong independent personalities. Their friendly gestures and cosciousness gave us the idea from the first time: it’s gonna be an awesome day!

Anka and Bandi did not anticipate the reather-odd traditions. The whole day was filled up with personal touch-ups, with really personal meaning of course, such as the symbolic rope, the yellow Chuck Taylors, or the vegan menu with coscious, biodegradable curterly. Oh, yellow, yes. And Grey. Yellow and Grey. Take a look!

Being able to control every single detail, plus being cool at your own wedding day is not an easy task. Anka and Bandi just killed both, they held one of the coolest weddings ever, we’ve seen so far.. We are so thankful to be able to witness such candid and beautiful moments, in such classy venue, with such amazing vendor friends (list below)..

Wedding planning: Green Wedding by Madarász Zsuzsi
Decoration: Love DIY wedding Blog
Ceremonymaster: Dravecz Zsolt
Mua: Barbara Keserű
Anka’s dress: Daalarna
Bandi’s dress: Sandor Lakatos menswear
Music: Stahl Barbara és Havai Gábor
Venue: Babérliget Kúria