Our own wedding


Château Grimaldi, Provence

Our own wedding

There is no perfectly organised wedding, hell no… but there is perfect wedding with it’s imperfections and that “ I’m happy it came out like that” situations, what makes your wedding feel perfect and unforgettable.

Our wedding was perfect in that sense, and we’re so grateful for friends and family, and our professional friends to make it come true!

Let us tell you about our wedding a little bit…


Our wedding venue was about 30 minutes from Budapest, where we and most of our family and friends live.

We never really thought about destination wedding and eloping, not because we didn’t like the idea, it’s more like we have a great network of friends and family, and we always thought on our wedding that we are surrounded with our beloved ones, and at the end, we have a blast party with them!

We have been to this place a few times in the past, as photographers, and at the beginning of our wedding brainstorming, we didn’t even think of this place. We thought, we might be able to find a place what fits to our idea, and we’ve never been there. Hungary is small, and we did quite a fair research on places we’ve never attended as wedding photographers and cinematographers. Finally, it came out, that this place is perfect for us, we don’t feel bothered by the fact that we’ve shot weddings here recently.

“It is a small mansion, with a beautiful lush garden, and a 300 years old oak tree. We always felt that there is something magical in this garden”.

It was important for us that we have the whole day in one place. It almost happened, except the little church with the close family. This magical church ceremony was in a medieval chapel, about 30 minutes from the venue. The first look, and the ceremony was under the 300 years old oak tree, cocktail time, and the reception was around the garden, under the chestnut tree alley.

Our first look…