We specialize in documenting naturally beautiful weddings, most often with outdoor settings. We believe it’s easier to find our true self in nature than in an artificial setup. Nature brings out one’s personality and unscripted moments. Much of our effort is contributed to being unique. Sometimes the style itself tells the story.

We avoid things that are too popular. You won’t see us using GoPro cameras with forever moving cuts, because our intention is to be intimate rather than spectacular. We try to be invisible and don’t disturb the action. We are not looking for perfect elements. We prefer the uncommon. Vintage methods are used to achieve a softer look – a blend of both film and digital mediums. We also record on small and medium film formats as well as employ Super8 film.

Even in post processing, we look for a particular aesthetic. Although we meet the highest standards, we don’t try to correct the little defects (noise, lighting). These are even exaggerated because that’s how they become honest and true to themselves.

We also represent our art in the traditional way, because we believe photography behaves differently on paper than on a computer screen.