Sandra and Benjamin are a Paris-based couple whose roots are quite varied. Sandra has American-Hungarian origins, while Benjamin’s parents are French and Japanese. The destination of their journey was the charming Budapest: they decided to tie the knot in the Hungarian capital, where they united family and friends in a fantastic getaway.

This wedding was very memorable for us, partly because of the human factors that we encountered in the case of Sandra and Benjamin. We have never seen such an intelligence and empathy of that this couple were in possession. It was striking the way they had and intense, living relatonship with each and everyone of their guests: we could not mistake the honest and attentive conversations meaning they are constantly keeping touch with their loved ones. Also, they placed 100% of their trust in us all along the weekend, remaining very consequent and conscious in the same time.

All this was topped off with a harmonic couple session the following day, on a mountain peak, with nature surrounding the newly weds.