Yasmin + Rafael

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Club Hemingway, Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic



We never forget to emphasise to what measures we are a travel addict couple! Travel addicts in the strongest sense of the term and every time our next journey starts to approach, we always feel this kind of excitement growing on us more and more, the excitement that we feel before discovering a new destination, until then totally unknown for us. It was the same in this case too: the excitement that started to evolve before the wedding of Yazmin and Rafael was strenghtened by the desire to discover the new culture as well, to participate in a wedding that would probably have different traditions!

For Yazmin and Rafael there was no need to go further than their homeland: native Dominicans, they chose the Caribbean coast on the southern side of the Dominican Republic that has everything what makes the place a postcard-perfect, exotic and exciting wedding destination. White powdery sand you’re eager to walk on, coconut palms swinging, light turquoise blue sea waving, all this makes a paradise-like scenery which marked this wedding and made it one of a kind.

We indeed experienced some different, local traditions as far as Dominican weddings are concerned (for instance, here, the tradition is to delay the wedding ceremony until the sun sets, to avoid the huge daytime swelter), however Yazmin and Rafael didn’t hesitate to make a few updates, as it suits a modern and pioneer couple. Their decision was (to make the wedding in their own image) to celebrate by daylight – this was a very significant move to have an alternative, groundbreaking, extraordinary wedding as compared to Dominican traditions.

Huge ambiance, very good humour everywhere one looked: the Caribbean exaltation pervaded the ceremony, just like the celebration that followed. The guests were already jumping in the swimming pool at 10 PM in the evening, and of course they didn’t even bother to change their elegant formal dresses or their traditional Chacabanas.

It was an unforgettable experience for us, having seen all this and much more, as we had the possibility to dive into the local life, see and perceive a bit the way Dominican people live – it differs so much from everything we have come over before. That’s why we never want to stop travelling: we believe there remains forever something new to see, to explore. So much wonder like that of the Dominican Republic!