Anna + Christian

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Black Forest, Mainz, Germany



Love is kind. This is what we’ve been told by the portugese salesian father to Anna and Christian, who married them on this very day.

Love is kind. This is what we have experienced from Anna & Christian because they are so much in love to each other, so keen to try out new things, and so friendly to everybody, that their life is blessed by the kindness they have got back from the love they express to everyone.

Portugal is famous for it’s good food, friendly people, and beautiful seashores. Comporta and it’s region, which is about 1 hour drive from Lisbon, is famous of it’s traditional salt extraction, and traditional fishing values.
As we drive to the sea under the branches of the cork trees, a special “I wanna grow old here” feeling tempts.
At the beach, Anna & Christian, and their guests (from over 14 countries) are greeting to each other, walking around barefoot, with cocktails in hands at this special friday… as the sun set down, everybody got into the mood to an unforgettable weekend!

Once you travel here, you won’t forget the colors, the smells, and the voice of the wild ocean…

The wedding day in Sublime Comporta, was even more pleasing. This resort is more like a modern hideaway with fine cuisine, and beautiful, plain, yet humble scenes! Being away from the daily hassle, and being close to your loved ones is nothing I can imagine better for a wedding day, and I’m so grateful that Anna & Christian did it the same way!
As Anna’s sister told in her speech that Christian is literally incapable feeling stress. Haha, so true, he proved it for the whole wedding day! So does Anna! Love is kind!
From the morning preparations to the late night party, the whole day was pervaded by a calming yet festive mood!

After the wedding weekend, we headed south to scout the most abandoned, wildest coast, and spend there an intimate photo session with these two lovebirds!
Anna and Christian and are just a fun couple to be around with, there is no needed to plan and adjust too much, they were just totally cool!
We love instructing couples tightly to get the best shots, but with them, it was totally unnecessary, as they were moving, cuddling, embracing other all the time, or just dancing around a bit, and then running into the sea to catch the last rays of the sun while they are kissing in the water! There was so much love in the air! Love were kind here, too!


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