Our own wedding

There is no perfectly organised wedding, hell no… but there is perfect wedding with it’s imperfections and that “ I’m happy it came out like that” situations, what makes your wedding feel perfect and unforgettable.

Our wedding was perfect in that sense, and we’re so grateful for friends and family, and our professional friends to make it come true!

Let us tell you about our wedding a little bit…

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LOVE/ ETC – Paris

Amongst many talented wedding vendors, we were invited to participate at the french wedding salon Love/ETC in february in the heart of Paris. It was a great honor and a very special weekend.

This little film from Pascal Délé gives a better understanding of the universe the invitees created at this magical place.


New year’s eve in Őrség – personal blog post – december 2016

Spending the new years eve at Őrség is predicting a calm, balanced 2017, and that’s exactly what we were looking for!

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Travelogue – Elopement in Carinthia – december 2016

Our dream came true when we shot a tiny elopement deep in the carinthian mountains in december!
The deep forest-created ambience and the glorious mountains are something we never get tired of!
Here’s a few snippets of our journey, we’ll keep you posted on the Elopement soon!  Read More

“French seaside wedding inspiration” – behind the scenes – october 2016

Nothing is possibly better than working with the best wedding vendors of South-France!
This collaboration rocketed all the way to Ruffledblog! See the full set here.

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OUIII l’atelier – Nice, France – october 2016

This fall we were amongst the invitees to Nice to the OUiii L’atelier wedding show to officially present ourselves to the french wedding market.

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Travelogue – “In Bruges” – october 2016

In october we had the chance to shoot a wedding in Hasselt, Belgium. Since the coutry isn’t so big we decided to shoot the couple session in Antwerp, and visit the medieval city of Bruges just for passion! You can see some of these precious moments here..

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Travelogue – Paris – september 2016

Although most of our weddings shot in green environment, we’d lie to say that Wedding in Paris line was missing from our bucket list. Dreams came alive, we travelled to Paris to chase the autumn light, and we can’t wait to post the entire wedding soon!

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Nora Sarman – campaign shooting in Croatia – september 2016

Our annual collaboration with Nora Sarman happened for the third time in this year. We travelled to Croatia to shoot the gorgeous 2017 wedding dress line-up, and we can’t wait to share our little adventure to you!

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Travelogue – Slovenia – july 2016

Slovenia. Lake Bled, and around.  Wanderer’s paradise. Camper’s dream. Photographer’s mecca. Lover’s shelter.
Morning sunshine. Pouring rain. Donuts, 7 am. Coffee, 5 pm. Milky fog and emerald water all around.
2 days there and you feel your life is complete. Read More

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