Our own wedding

There is no perfectly organised wedding, hell no… but there is perfect wedding with it’s imperfections and that “ I’m happy it came out like that” situations, what makes your wedding feel perfect and unforgettable.

Our wedding was perfect in that sense, and we’re so grateful for friends and family, and our professional friends to make it come true!

Let us tell you about our wedding a little bit…


Our wedding venue was about 30 minutes from Budapest, where we and most of our family and friends live.

We never really thought about destination wedding and eloping, not because we didn’t like the idea, it’s more like we have a great network of friends and family, and we always thought on our wedding that we are surrounded with our beloved ones, and at the end, we have a blast party with them!

We have been to this place a few times in the past, as photographers, and at the beginning of our wedding brainstorming, we didn’t even think of this place. We thought, we might be able to find a place what fits to our idea, and we’ve never been there. Hungary is small, and we did quite a fair research on places we’ve never attended as wedding photographers and cinematographers. Finally, it came out, that this place is perfect for us, we don’t feel bothered by the fact that we’ve shot weddings here recently.

“It is a small mansion, with a beautiful lush garden, and a 300 years old oak tree. We always felt that there is something magical in this garden”.

It was important for us that we have the whole day in one place. It almost happened, except the little church with the close family. This magical church ceremony was in a medieval chapel, about 30 minutes from the venue. The first look, and the ceremony was under the 300 years old oak tree, cocktail time, and the reception was around the garden, under the chestnut tree alley.

Our first look…



“We wanted to create an up-to-date and pretty classical mood without ignoring the loose elegance that we represent in our work. An unique mix of timeless romance and nature close to nature that we thought it might characterize our approach”.

We loved our venue’s simplicity, and we didn’t want it to be overwhelmed by too much decoration. For the ceremony, we have chosen a white linen draped over the oak tree’s bough. A little floral composition came here as well to highlight the very place out of the green meadow.


We always came along well with floral artist Flóra, and she perfectly sensed the way we wanted to express with the floral decoration. Our colour palette included dark greens, and earth tones, burgundy and black, spiced up with a twist of gold. We love wild flowers, so we definitely wanted to include some of the season’s most beautiful wildflowers as well! The final mixture came out a bit melancholic and ethereal.

Enikő’s bouquet was a lust, natural, hairy, darkish composition, which was perfectly fitted to her style and her dress.

For the table, the dark flowers with the copper-painted ceramics become a fine mixture with light density table variations. Along with the calligraphy and the lighting it was a magical centrepiece of our day.



Our favourite:

We had a Jolly Joker place to our venue: the Bath House. The Bath House used to be the small getaway residence for the owner of the mainson.

We thought the bath house deserves something special, so we can use them as a natural Photo Booth background! Flora just nailed it as well!



For Enikő’s dress, the decision was really easy. We work with Nora Sarman for years, and we just love her style. She says: “She is the designer who depicts the modern romanticism, in a cool way, yet inspired by the elements of the past”.

“I love the sparkly vibe of this dress, and I’m a big fan of handmade gown creations” – she says, and also highlights, that the dress is highly wearable and easy to move with.

Levente loves elegant suits, but instead of dark tones, he prefers more light palettes. He has chosen lightly checked beige Holland&Sherry fabric, and it was tailored by Gangel Benjamin.



June in Hungary can be tricky. Nobody wants to stay outside in the pouring rain, and our lifestyle demanded outdoor activities. We also wanted to stay outside, of course, and our venue did not offer a really cool plan B for rainy days. We didn’t want to stay in ugly tents either, and pretty tents seemed to be impossible to find in here.

A couple of days before our wedding, it was pretty clear that we won’t have rain. But it was clear that it will be a gloomy, windy, cool weather. Our guests and Enikő was a hero!

Sometimes we highlight how much we love the windblown details and the cloudy weather! Here we are! We’ve got all we wanted, and we loved it! But indeed, it was a bit chilly, though!




The clerical ceremony was in a medieval little church with our closest family members. There was no electricity, and artificial light there, just candles, and and it was a perfect situation to witness our deepest emotions in this holy place.



Besides the clerical ceremony, it was really important for us to have a personal ceremony with our own vows.

This happened under the 300 years old oak tree, with a bigger audience. The personal stories, weeping parents and friends, and our own vows made these moments unforgettable. Special thanks, Bánhegyi Barbara Ceremony for the touching personal vows, Zanzinger, for the perfect romantic music for our ceremony.



After the touching vows, we had an amazing champagne time around the tree and the small lake what was just right behind the tree. It was a perfect cozy time for receiving the congratulations, taking small group photos, and just hanging around!

We love champagne, and Törley gave us the perfect wedding gift in bottles!

There’s a custom to cut the cake after the dinner, but we wanted to do it after the ceremony! We didn’t want to fill our guests with cakes after the dinner, and the cakes looked awesome, so there is so much to see in daylight. Thumbs up for Oh My Cake!



We have our background in analog photography, and we love alternative techniques.
Our friend Kristóf from Café Analog set up an old large format camera to shoot invincible paper negative portraits!

We couldn’t be more happy with the result!



At cocktail time, when the lights were perfect, we ran away to a near cliff to shoot some creative portraits. It was nice to get away from the guests a little bit, to calm down and rephrase our very important life event. Luckily, the wind, the place, the lighting, it was all perfect for the photos! Such a lovely mess!



We always loved outdoor weddings! No exception, we liked our dinner to be outside as well!
Despite the cold (our guests are heroes, really!) we had a wonderful evening dinner outside, with heart moving speeches, laughter, and hugs, under the chestnut trees!

We rented these beautiful chairs and tables from Chair Style, and we applied the lighting by ourselves the day before (thank you dearest brothers Bence and Máté).

Luckily, we had the quite a few spirits to warm up a little bit, and we headed indoors to the mansion to the first dance and the party!



Who’s gonna be your photographer? – Everybody asked this at the first time. We had special notion for the photos and the film, we knew it won’t be easy. Luckily, we found Eli and Lukas (former known as Couple of Prague) and we were really happy for them! We are grateful for the many-many candid moments they captured for us!

We have been thinking a lot about whether we have a problem with us, and nothing is good enough for us, but we can say that we have been expecting a bit more artistic autonomy and precision on the basis of their marketing and portfolio.

Of course, as a photographer we are extraordinarily delicate for every detail, so there is always a deficiency in us, but in the end we’ve got a very nice selection of photos!



We couldn’t be more happy with our wedding film. The tension, the pretty little details, the slow mood, and the atmosphere all adds up to the big picture.
Jana have captured everything exactly the way we imagined, and the way we didn’t see, but she did, the real emotional, and aesthetics of our wedding!

We loved Jana, and we’re grateful to meet her. Her free and honest soul, open to us to learn our needs and get to know ourselves quite a bit, in a short time!

Please take a look of the whole story here:

Photo: Eli K Photography & Lukas Korynta (Couple of Prague)
Film: Jana Buskova
Decoration/flowers: Flora Floral Botanical Atelier
Enikő’s dress: Nora Sarman
Levi’s suit: Gangel Benjamin
MUA: Skrionya Sára
Hair: Eszteri Zsófi at Close
Cake: Az én tortám
Calligraphy: The fanatic calligrapher
Ring: Piroskanna
Live music: Zanzinger
Ceremony: Bánhegyi Barbara
Champaign: Törley Pezsgőpincészet
essert table: Félix Hélix
J, Sound, light: DJ MSound
Chairs/Tables: Chair Style
Lights: Girl in red shoes, Gubi Ramóna
Venue: Öreg Tölgy Kúria, Pusztazámor