Travelogue – High-Tatras – Zakopane – july 2016

High Tatras treks were on our annual schedule ever since. We did our hikes there over the years, but never brought our cameras to shoot love sessions before. Mara and Ákos are hikers too, so we walked up to the lakes to immerse in the freezing silence, and refreshening pinewood scent. Read More

Travelogue – South of France – june 2016

In 2016 early summer we had a wonderful trip to Hédi and Thomas South-France destination wedding. It was a blast!

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Getting lost in the scandinavian woods 

This is how we roll.. Travelling light and fast, don’t take too much attention to the touristy things just if we really want that!

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WILDERNESS 2016 – february 2016

In 18. February 2016, we presented Wilderness, the latest collaboration of Pinewood Weddings and Nora Sarman.

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Vendors we love working with..

We are lucky to say that we are cooperating with professionals working with hearth and soul. Wedding Industry introduced many fellow vendors, and we appreciate the efforts and kindness they put to our project throughout the years. However, we’d like to highlight some of the creatives influenced us most.
We’d like to note that the creatives co-operated successfully with us are endless, but in addition to that, the personal efforts they put into their work is what make sense the most. The mutual mind-set and sense of style led us tighten the friendship with them on order to deliver the results we feel just perfect. Being co-operate with them in a shooting or in a wedding day is a blast!


“Her bridal dresses are handmade, using only the highest quality silk and French laces. The combination of these materials and Nora’s fabled romantic visions results in lace compositions that make each Nora Sarman Bridal dress truly unique”

The first time we saw her dresses, we knew it is different. Different in a way that we have never seen anything like that in the hungarian scene. It was charming and sexy at the same time. Just as most of the bride wants to see herself or the groom wants to see his bride on their wedding day!


Flora’s flower creations are always in harmony with the venue, the bride’s personality and the singularity of the season. Her personal visions are always depicted in complex, harmonic, lush decorations amusing the audience really susceptible for beauty. This certain uniqueness makes her so inescapable personality.


Sára is a master of natural make-up technologies, by all means. Nevertheless her professionalism and respect to profession, her presence commendate the “stress free zone” feeling, right when you need it at the start of your wedding day.


When we fist met Niki’s cakes in a wedding day, we literally stole it for a 15 minutes shooting! Ever since, when we get to know she is bringing the sweets, there is a gap in our schedule more likely called: “Must have cake shots”. 
Tasteful and tasty, in harmony with floral arrangements and the wedding decoration. Nevertheless about the taste! Highly recommended!

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