We don’t like to interrupt the intimate moments with our presence and equipment. We try to be invisible and just follow the ceremony – not leading it.


We prefer natural light as much as possible. We only use our lighting equipment at the party if necessary. Most of the time we use the available light which means that the photos will be more noisy because we have to use a more sensitive setting, but they are more original than using flash light. That’s how we achieve that natural effect you see in our work.


Throughout the entire wedding day, we take 1000-1500 pictures. In post production, we retouch the photos, with our unique style that you see on our website. We do all this using our best skills and talent that’s why we don’t give away the raw photos for any reason. We do tone, color and skin correction on them. We like to keep the pictures in their natural beauty we don’t correct them too much.



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